Where Do We Go From Here?

January 24, 2011. Where Do We Go From Here? is a speaker series inviting global game-changers to the Contemporary Arts Center to answer one question: Where do we go from here?

The Femme Den has been pushing the design industry to think about sex and gender for the past few years. What’s more important than sex? As a result, the Femme Den and the studio that houses them – Smart Design, the go-to company for innovation and design leadership – works with major brands such as Nike to reconsider how they design products for both male and female consumers.

But we’re more than just X and Y chromosomes. We’re rich, we’re poor, we’re young, and we’re old.

So, what’s next?  Find out as Femme Den Co-founder, Erica Eden, and Senior Design Strategist Nathaniel Giraitis take a look “under the hood” for a glimpse into the future of user-centered design. Get to the core of Femme Den’s approach, how it’s evolving, and how this revolutionary design group influences the sex game.