We Need to Talk: Thinking About Sex

April 12, 2011. Agnete Enga and Paulette Bluhm-Sauriol offer brand relationship advice to audiences at FUSE in Chicago.

We need to talk…

No one likes to hear this in a relationship but for Agnete Enga, Product Designer and Paulette Bluhm-Sauriol, Communication Designer from Smart Design, these words are essential. Companies are really struggling to connect with the female market, and by opening up a healthier dialogue with women, they believe your brand’s connection with women can be stronger.

But how do you get her attention, and more importantly, her long-lasting commitment? It’s simple: Have a meaningful relationship with her.

As experts on designing experiences that women love, Agnete and Paulette share essential relationship advice to boost communication between your brand and the world’s largest business opportunity – women.

Want a sneak peek at the content of their talk? Listen to the FUSE podcast with Agnete and Paulette here.