Smart heads to IDSA’s Women in Industrial Design Show

A woman’s touch is no longer a rarity in tech, product, and furniture designs. The first IDSA-sponsored Women in Industrial Design Show on June 14 invites you to celebrate the emerging and established women in industrial design from across the U.S. Hosted by AstroStudios and Coalesse during San Francisco Design Week, the show will celebrate design talents and diversity of industrial design.

The panel will be moderated by Cameron Campbell, Senior Strategist at Teague. Panelists include: Cathy Bailey of Heath Ceramics, Kate Freebaim, Creative Director of Kindle/Amazon, Shujan Bertrand of Coalesse, Shannon Fong, Associate Director at Smart Design, and Amina Horozic, Industrial Designer at FuseProject.

For more information, visit the Women in Industrial Design Show website.

WHO: Shannon Fong

WHEN: June 14, 2014

WHERE: San Francisco