Sex & Sensibility at DMI Design Management

October 19, 2009. Agnete Enga speaks at DMI Design Management Annual 34 where she shares insights on the Femme Den design approach.

Sex & Sensability… It’s not an obscure Jane Austen novel, but a novel approach to designing for women that’s making the business and design worlds pay attention. Agnete has been asked to speak about the latest insights on understanding what women want before an audience of high-profile colleagues. Now in it’s 34th year, the conference takes place in Cambridge, MA.

Women compose half the population and make or influence 80 percent of all purchases. However, their needs are largely ignored by product and services on today’s market. Are current design, engineering and marketing methods inherently female-friendly? It’s a real problem, but also a real opportunity. In this talk, Agnete discusses myths and realities about women and provides guidelines to uncover their true needs and values. She dives into how women relate to brand experiences from a holistic point of view and she evaluates what women are looking for across multiple touch points.