The Dreams of Young Geeks Shape the Future

August 15, 2012. Yvonne Lin and Erica Eden to speak at IDSA’s National Conference in Boston.

The dreams of young geeks shape the future.

Sixty years ago, young geeky boys built rocket models and read Isaac Asimov. Twenty years later, TV’s looked like bubble satellites from outer space and young geeky boys watched Star Trek, dreaming of Communicators.  Twenty years later, their dreams came true and AT&T sponsored billions of Communicators. Meanwhile, other young geeky boys wormed into Apple IIEs and taught themselves FORTRAN77. Now, the world is in bits and bytes.

For all these years, young geeky girls also had dreams. At first, the world did not make it easy for them to fulfill their dreams. But, the world has changed and women have become the world’s largest and most powerful market. The young geeky girls of today will inherit this power. What are the dreams of the geeky little girls? These dreams will shape the future.

In our talk, we will uncover the lives and dreams of young girls of today and project their impact on the world of future design.